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Maximizing Math

Maximizing Math is our newest resource. At a cost of $290 per grade, it is an affordable option, known for its user-friendliness and its ability to communicate the philosophical intent of the new math curriculum.

Maximizing Math is a hands-on, problem-solving based resource that emphasizes student thinking, interaction, processes, strategies, and meaning making. It fosters student development of mathematical language and communication and offers many opportunities for exploration of various strategies, ideas and solutions generated by the class. It uses cooperative learning groups and strategies to encourage discourse and interaction, and promotes the use of manipulatives and models to help children explore ideas and make sense of them. Mathematics is connected to the real-world, and literacy is reinforced as shared-reading plans use familiar mathematical children’s literature in each chapter.

For more information about this resource, and others, please visit our website at http://rds.epsb.net.

I really like using Maximizing Math and have sold teachers in my school on it.

Teacher, Glen Avon School

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School Visits

To help teachers build familiarity with the organization and structure of Maximizing Math, we offer in-school presentations for teachers on how to use this resource effectively in delivering the new math curriculum. The presentation takes participants on a guided walk-through of one chapter, highlighting the resource’s critical components and organization – a verbal “user’s manual, if you like. These presentations are at no cost to district schools, and typically take about 1.5 hours. The sessions can be done over a lunch hour, or after school. If you are interested in scheduling a school presentation, please email us at rds@epsb.ca.

Great session! I truly feel that I can use this resource to its full potential now.
Teacher, Florence Hallock School

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Centre Packs

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The 2006 math curriculum emphasizes hands-on problem-solving. To support this, Centre Packs (Grades 1 -3) and Workstation Packs (Grades 4-6) were developed for each grade level. For $89 per grade, these packs provide teachers with cards outlining student games and/or activities designed to address specific curricular outcomes and processes. Known for their affordability and its simplicity, these centre packs allow students to use problem-solving approaches to investigate, and make meaning of, mathematical concepts in an active environment. Each card highlights the ‘I can’ statements addressed by the game and/or activity, and includes a reflective question that encourages students to think more about the activity they completed.

For more information about this resource, and others, please visit our website at http://rds.epsb.net.

We enjoyed the centres. They were easy to prepare and require minimal teacher instruction. We used them as extensions at our conferences for the parents to understand the new math curriculum.

Teachers, Hidden Valley School

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Shop District First

In October, Resource Development Services, in partnership with the Distribution Centre and The Teachers’ Book Depository launched our Shop District First initiative, designed to showcase the benefits of buying resources and materials from the District. The campaign started with the delivery of shopping bags to district schools, filled with information about the three partners. This initiative will be followed-up with regular mailings of e-flyers throughout the year featuring special offers from each of the partners.

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